Report: Shadowrun: 10/18

Some of the best role playing experiences I’ve had have been in Shadowrun with my friend, Phil, as GM. So when he made it known that he was gearing up to run again, I signed up. This was a few months ago. Since then, he also let slip that he was going to work in some Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition). How? The Shadowrun PCs would all be players in that world’s equivalent of an MMORPG, like World of Warcraft. So, while playing the game, we’d be using D&D for our Shadowrun characters’ avatars. Kind of a cool idea, and one that would have me worried that the GM could pull it off, but I have faith in this particular GM.

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The Scare Game

My apologies for the non-RPG related post, but I really want to spread the word of this great new web series to anyone and everyone I can. The first episode is now live. Watch it here then go to for the uncensored version. And I do mean it when I say to watch both. The YouTube version below, while censored, is important because more views = more interest from potential financial backers, and more financial backing means, well, more of The Scare Game!

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