The Scare Game

My apologies for the non-RPG related post, but I really want to spread the word of this great new web series to anyone and everyone I can. The first episode is now live. Watch it here then go to for the uncensored version. And I do mean it when I say to watch both. The YouTube version below, while censored, is important because more views = more interest from potential financial backers, and more financial backing means, well, more of The Scare Game!

Synopsis: A horror webseries with a touch of dark comedy. Lock your doors and keep away from the edge of your bed; Vince and his club of horror enthusiasts are hiding outside your window. The Scare Game is a new horror/comedy web series cast and crewed entirely in New Mexico. Season one will consist of thirteen 7 to 10 minute episodes exploring the topics of horror, voyeurism, and the ultimate unrequited love- fandom. From the mind of director and writer Phillip Hughes.

The first installment of the new horror/ comedy web series that chronicles the adventures of a group of horror enthusiasts. Their lives change drastically when they are thrust into a real horror event.

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