Report: Shadowrun: 10/18

Some of the best role playing experiences I’ve had have been in Shadowrun with my friend, Phil, as GM. So when he made it known that he was gearing up to run again, I signed up. This was a few months ago. Since then, he also let slip that he was going to work in some Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition). How? The Shadowrun PCs would all be players in that world’s equivalent of an MMORPG, like World of Warcraft. So, while playing the game, we’d be using D&D for our Shadowrun characters’ avatars. Kind of a cool idea, and one that would have me worried that the GM could pull it off, but I have faith in this particular GM.

Unfortunately, my work schedule will likely keep me from gaming most of the time. In fact, I missed the session(s) during which the other players created their characters. This last Sunday, the first session of actual play, I was present, but missed quite a bit as I made my Shadowrun PC. So this report is almost assuredly missing details, but I’ll do what I can.

Sean is a high-class face-type character. We started with him in negotiations over some software, which turns out to be bogus. Sean’s employer is not at all pleased with this, and Sean finds himself without much work the next few months.

Bill, a severely obese cracker/hacker, is running for his life from some barely seen, large, square-like machine. Cornered, he turns to fight it, raising his warhammer. He swings, misses, and his hammer goes flying. The machine proceeds to pound the living crap out of him. He wakes up later in the company of his friend. Turns out, this experience was part of a new bit of software Bill’s friend is developing.

Willow, a human that could be considered a half-elf, if there were such things, attracts spirits whether she wants to or not. One such spirit that appears is Jaeger (the character I played through the last three Shadowrun campaigns), who doesn’t know where he is, or what’s happened to him, or anything at all about his current situation. He tries to communicate with Willow, but she’s not really concerned with yet another spirit, and barely responds to him until he disappears.

Rain is a Navajo shaman living on the streets. Sleeping in an alley, he’s awakened by two young punks taking a piss behind a bar. One of them, as drunken punks might do, decides it would be funny to piss on the bum. Rain, of course, takes offense and draws his sword. The thugs draw guns. Rain gets grazed by one shot, but manages to avoid being hit by any others as he slashes and cuts one of the thugs until he yields. The other runs back into the bar. Fearing that he might be getting reinforcements, Rain doesn’t exact his full vengeance on the wounded thug, and only drags him into his own puddle of urine before running off.

Through various means, all four of these characters end up at a meeting held by a Mr. Carlyle, who offers a business proposition. Working alongside the Lone Star corporate police, the PCs will be given assignments that Lone Star can’t take for one reason or another. The pay’s decent, which makes it plenty appealing for 3 of the 4 PCs, and eventually, everyone agrees to sign up.

We’re then treated to a Denis Leary-looking Lone Star agent named Donovan, who gives us our first assignment. It seems a quiet, timid software engineer uncharacteristically beat the living crap out of a woman who works at another software firm, and stole something. Lone Star jurisdiction would end at retrieving the stolen software, but Donovan really wants the guy. He’s hiding out in his company’s building, and it’s up to us to get in, get him, and get out.

The rest of the session dealt with gathering information. Finding out all we could about the guy, the girl, any connection between them, the two companies involved, the building we’d be having to get into, etc.

I had to leave a little early, but I don’t think I missed much. I don’t think we’ve even gotten to the planning phase yet, though that will probably be top of the list next session.

As a side note, there’s some interesting karma going on here. Sean (Mimic) is a smooth professional, with no time for bullshit. Bill is anything but. Bill doesn’t pay attention at briefings, makes smart-ass comments, etc. Sean is de facto team leader, and has to put up with Bill’s crap. Sean is played by Stephen, who in the last several Shadowrun campaigns, ran a character called Oasis… who was very much like Bill in these regards.

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