Report: Shadowrun: 11/1

I was not present for this last session of Shadowrun, being unfortunately at work. As expected, my ability to participate will be haphazard at best. There is a new player who joined this last session and another who should be making a character later this week.

The GM did send along a recap of the first two sessions, which does include the basics of what I’ve already relayed here, but here it is in its entirety:

Greyfield Inc. (Run by Rog Carlisle and his assistant Roxy) has put together a new team to help the little guy and stick it to the corporate man. He’s had some trouble with his previous teams, but he’s hopeful that this new one will do great things. Rog brought in his old friend from the corporate world, Sean Borren aka Mimic, to help the team. He discovered the Thunderbird Shaman, Rain, a wild yet effective runner while Rog was discovered by the naive and wayward conjuror, Willow. Leading up the tech division is ace hacker, Bill aka Aster, veteran of several foreign wars. A late addition to the group is the mage detective with a bad reputation, Alex Hastings.

After signing the extension contracts and non-disclosure agreements, the representative from LoneStar, Detective Donovan; delivered Greyfield its first new assignment. A software engineer, (whose name escapes me at the moment), has been accused of nearly beating to death another software designer, Dolores Mapa, and stole something from her. The target works for Bushido Technologies, a subsidiary of Mitsuhama, a inventory and gaming software company/call center in the heart of Seattle. After some good recon and several hot chick’s personnel profiles making their way into Bill’s computer, the team sent Bill into the Matrix to fire one of the security guards and hire Rain on in his place.

A small beast spirit conjured by Willow found the stolen item in the President’s penthouse and the team soon discovered that the logical time for the stolen item’s passing of hands would be that Saturday, so the launched their cunning plan! Wednesday morning, the second day of work for the new security guard, Rain, saw a requisition for a repair for the onsite security camera system. Our humble technician, Bill, comes in to hack the security system and install a backdoor (The security system can only be accessed onsite). With time running out and the job unfinished, Bill let out such a stream of geekbabble that he bought himself another 2 hours. He finishes with plenty of time to spare and heads to the cafe in the first floor. One glitch- the building has wireless countermeasures so his signal is not as strong and he’s not as sharp in his Augmented Reality.

About 3:30pm, two nondescript employees from another branch are given their passes and head up to the employee dorms. Alex and Sean have an easy time finding the target’s room and break in while Bill hides their presence from the cameras. Inside, they discover a discarded framed photo of Dolores Mapa in the trash. At 4pm, Rain ends his shift and heads to the cafe to give Bill someone to talk to so as to not attract notice.

A long hour and a half later, Alex sets out toward the penthouse. Bill attempts to get him up by the elevator, but only thing he manages to do is get the elevator locked down on the 8th floor. Mimic sits tight in the room, trying to maintain the plan, starting to sweat. Bill attracts the attention of the security spider who comes hunting for him. Alex jumps up through the escape hatch on the elevator before the lone security guard arrives. He starts climbing the ladder toward the 12th floor, thinking he’s not the right guy for this bullshit. The spider finds Bill and attacks with his Blackout program, giving our faithful hacker and bit of a wake up call.

The lone security guard looks around the elevator, puzzled and distracted by his girlfriend’s (Linda) phone call. He’s about the leave when he notices the hatch in the elevator. Alex is almost to his destination, while the injured Bill had been playing cat and mouse with the spider in the system. He’s able to unlock the elevator doors above Alex before the battle is renewed. The guard throws open the hatch and spots Alex. “There’s someone in the elevator shaft!”

Mimic flies out the door, “Light it up!” Willow’s fire spirit blasts to life on the 8th floor causing the fire alarm to go off, unlocking all the stairwell doors and causing a goodly amount of chaos. The blast of the alarm is right next to Alex’s ear causing him to lose his grip and fall to the elevator below. He does knock out the guard, but that’s about the only good thing to come from that. He drops into the elevator and starts to limp back up the stairs. Rain runs out toward the main door to make sure the target doesn’t slip out.

Bill finally gets a good crack onto the spider’s cyber-noggin as Mimic shoots down 2 flights of stairs and waits for the target to evacuate. He comes and Mimic quickdraws his gun into the man’s back and has no problem convincing him to be cool as they head down the several flights of stairs to the bottom.

When we left our team, Mimic reached the bottom floor, Bill and the Spider are still standing off, and Alex slides his maglock passkey  at the penthouse door, fooling the cardreader, but when he tries his magical thumbprint (physical mask), nothing happens.


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