Square One

Since the last time I wrote on this blog, I’ve started an L5R campaign… and it has died.

The usual culprit is to blame. Life. I just can’t seem to keep a group of players returning every week. I don’t think that’s a comment on my GMing abilities, either. I’ve been just as much to blame as my players, as well. I’ve had to work during several of our gaming nights, and an absent GM leads to not much of a game.

Things continue to go, however, and as we approach what should be the slow season at work, I’m beginning to put together ideas for gaming. It doesn’t hurt that I’m now incredibly jealous of my wife, who has joined a weekly Pathfinder game with some of our friends, while I usually have to work.

My strongest desire is still to play Engel, but I’ve got a lot of work to do on that translation before it can happen. The release of The Great Clans for L5R has got my creative juices flowing for that again. I’m also toying with running some Houses of the Blooded. Actually, I’m most likely going to be trading off. Run Houses for a bit, then run L5R, then Houses, etc. Throw in Engel and my homebrew game as they become ready. Rinse. Repeat.

Whatever I do, I’ll be putting it up on Obsidian Portal, as well as discussing it here.

There will be some facelifts here and there around this blog, and I’ve got plenty of topics to write about, so expect more regular updates. I just need to sit down and do it!

2 responses to “Square One

  1. Did you ever get any translation done on Engel? I’m just curious, as I have most of the books (except the Michaelite splat) and they’ve been sitting for years and I thought of looking into them, though I’ve heard the system rules leave much to be desired. (I’d probably convert them to something simpler and more familiar to me, and more suited ot the kind of game I’d like to run. I might also possibly prefer to have players run plain old human characters rather than Engel; more of a horror/investigation/survival game, perhaps? I’d likely be making up more than I’d be using from the published supplements, I’m just curious about what else was in them.)

    Anyway, the lack of updates suggests that other things took priority, which would be understandable, since no translations seem to be posted here under the Engel tag. But if you do have anything, I’d be curious to see it. Thanks!

    • Part of the lack of updates is just that life gets in the way of regular posts. I’ve made a bit of headway in the translations for Engel, but not much. Same reason: life gets in the way. I think a regular human campaign in the Engel setting would be quite interesting. It would a very different feel from using the angelic characters, yet nothing from the actual setting would have to change much. There’s some real potential there. As far as system goes, the English translation uses the d20 system, which I’ve never been a big fan of. The original German books use d20 as an optional system, but focus on using their own “Arkana” cards (kind of like a specialized Tarot deck). There’s an English translation of the Arkana rules in pdf floating around somewhere. It’s like the opposite of d20 in narrative vs. mechanics terms. I like narrative games, but the Arkana rules are a bit much for me. I like rolling dice, and so do my players. Like you, I’d also play with a different rule set. The idea was to try my hand at game design and come up with my own for this, but I honestly don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.


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