Oh Well

Go figure. My venture into Unknown Armies consisted of a character generation session… and that’s it.

Life just keeps getting in the way of any regular gaming for me. Whether it’s things preventing me from gaming, or things preventing everyone else from showing, there just doesn’t seem to be a way around this bad luck.

So, until I can get something going, I’m going to fade into the background. That doesn’t mean I’m gone. Things are starting up again at my game design blog, Scintilla. I’ll also be attending Fear the Con 5 in St. Louis this May, so expect updates about that. And maybe I’ll start posting here about some of the other, non-rpg games that I play.

6 responses to “Oh Well

    • Planning on doing that at some point. Definitely going to play before trying to GM something like that. But again, between kids and work, I don’t have any kind of time slot that I could dedicate to gaming. I’ll definitely still be looking into it, though.

      • you’re aware of the G+ Hangout apps for running RPG’s (dice rolling, dynamic maps, video/audio/text chatting etc) “Tabletop Forge” and “Dragons for Dinners” (soon to be renamed).

        There are loads of RPGers on G+

        • Oh, I know! I’ve got over 200 people in my roleplaying circle. I know about Tabletop Forge (is it available for public use yet?), but I don’t know about Dragons for Dinners. I’ll have to look into that one.

          • Well both are G+ pages so just look up “Dragons for Dinner” to latch on to it.

            Yes Google launched the Hangouts API live last week so now they “work” as public apps. Joshua @ Tabletop Forge is about to launch v2.0 so wait for that I suggest… better than 1.0.

            What’s your G+ name and I’ll circle you.


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