Speak Out With Your Geek Out!

There is a movement going to promote geek pride during the week of September 12-16. Going under the catchy name of “Speak Out With Your Geek Out,” this is something that I wholeheartedly endorse. The idea is pretty simple: during that five day stretch, engage people however you can about your favorite geeky hobby. Or hobbies. No reason to limit it to just one. Someone (I wish I remembered who) commented that, despite the name, this need not be limited to geeky things. I tend to agree. Speak out about whatever you enjoy doing, whatever makes you happy.

The movement was originally the idea of Monica Valentinelli, and it quickly grew beyond her original concept. You can read her original post here, but notice how it’s been edited a few times to incorporate the changes. There’s already talk of making this an annual event, and a blog has been set up in anticipation of next week here. There’s already plenty of interesting articles there, helping people to prep for the week. And of course, there’s a Facebook event and a Tumblr dedicated to helping everyone share their thoughts.

You can bet that I’ll be participating! Keep an eye out here and elsewhere for me to be speaking out about RPGs and other topics. I also strongly encourage you (yes, YOU) to participate as well. Light up Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogs and forums all over the place with the things we love and why we love them. Don’t have a blog? Find someone who does who will host something you write. Don’t tell me you don’t know anyone — you’re reading this, and I’ll happily post anything you write about.

But here’s something that I really want to stress, something that I have not yet seen in reference to this cause. Yes, it’s important to speak out and share your loves. But it’s also important to listen to what all the other geeks are gushing about during this time, as well. No one is served if everyone’s too busy shouting from the mountaintop to hear what’s being yelled from the neighboring mountain. Maybe you’ll learn about something you haven’t heard of that sparks your interest. Maybe there’s something you don’t like, but might give a second chance to when you hear someone elegantly explain why it interests them. Geeks can be awfully condemning of things they don’t like. Use this next week as an opportunity to open your mind, just for a few days, and maybe erase some of those ideas that don’t quite fit the reality. Maybe you’ll change your mind about something. Maybe not.

But give it a chance.

Fourth Edition for Five Rings?

I recently learned about the upcoming release of Legend of the Five Rings, fourth edition (published by AEG). I’m still not entirely sure what I think about this. L5R has been among my favorite games since my friend and I bought our first starter decks for the CCG sometime in the late ’90s (Jade edition starters, though that story arc was nearing completion). I noticed books for the RPG soon afterward, and started picking those up just as the 1st edition line ended. Since then, the game has been a standard among my group of ever-shifting players, both with 2nd edition and then 3rd. The L5R CCG remains the only CCG I’m even willing to consider playing anymore, and the RPG is one of the few games that I’m equally excited to run or play.

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Details on Warhammer 3rd Edition

I have been a fan of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (published by Games Workshop) since I was a kid. It was one of the first games I ever bought (I believe it was my third), and my first fantasy game. I really liked the dark, grim setting, even though what was presented was a pretty poor representation of the Warhammer world. I didn’t realize just how cool that setting was until I started with the Warhammer Fantasy Battles wargame in high school.

I never played it much, though it was always in the back of my mind. I found the mechanics a little too complex when I was younger, and so it always had that stigma, even when I was more experienced and probably would have been able to run it with little or no problem. When Green Ronin and Black Industries published a 2nd edition, I was intrigued, but since I was involved in other gaming activities at the time, I didn’t pick it up until recently, and even then, only skimmed through it. It seemed to include more of the rich and fantastic setting than 1st edition, but still seemed quite lacking to me. There was just so much more in the world than what was detailed, so much more you could do!

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