A new blog title, a new look, and a new roleplaying venture!

Welcome to A Boy and His Dice, my latest attempt at an RPG blog, picking up where KeegsOnline left off… 5 months ago.

Coinciding with this relaunch is the beginnings of a new game I’m running, using the Warhammer 3rd edition rules and setting. The last of the three core players made his character last night, and we hopefully begin play this coming Saturday. There will, of course, be game reports.

More coming soon!

The Scare Game

My apologies for the non-RPG related post, but I really want to spread the word of this great new web series to anyone and everyone I can. The first episode is now live. Watch it here then go to for the uncensored version. And I do mean it when I say to watch both. The YouTube version below, while censored, is important because more views = more interest from potential financial backers, and more financial backing means, well, more of The Scare Game!

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