L5R Project Update

I finally picked up the 4th edition book for Legend of the Five Rings last week, and have been reading through it. First thing that needs to be said about this book is that it is freakin’ beautiful! The layout and artwork and the whole design is top-notch. Typos are also significantly down from previous AEG books, and the thing seems internally consistent, which has sometimes been a problem. So hats off to the editing team as well.

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Current Project: Legend of the Five Rings

In preparation of the 4th edition of Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game being released this summer, I’ve started putting thought into what I want to do for a new campaign. I’ve enjoyed every edition of L5R to date, and the designer diaries for 4th edition are addressing those things that I did not like about 3rd. So I am excited for it, and will be kicking off some sort of campaign as soon as I’m comfortable enough with the rules. It doesn’t look like the book will be coming out until late June, so I’ve got some time, and what follows is more or less of a documented brainstorming session inspired by some ideas I’ve had over the last few weeks.

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Fourth Edition for Five Rings?

I recently learned about the upcoming release of Legend of the Five Rings, fourth edition (published by AEG). I’m still not entirely sure what I think about this. L5R has been among my favorite games since my friend and I bought our first starter decks for the CCG sometime in the late ’90s (Jade edition starters, though that story arc was nearing completion). I noticed books for the RPG soon afterward, and started picking those up just as the 1st edition line ended. Since then, the game has been a standard among my group of ever-shifting players, both with 2nd edition and then 3rd. The L5R CCG remains the only CCG I’m even willing to consider playing anymore, and the RPG is one of the few games that I’m equally excited to run or play.

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